About The Biography Of Simon Kissel


Today, you can see many business people around the world but few of them can become successful for years similarly Simon Kissel. He is the great business person who started his business at the age of 17. Initially, he opened one computer shop nearby his area and he found too much dedicated to his work. He always been at his shop and interested in learning new things and also creating ideas for innovating new things in computer technology. Now he has become an owner of the company called Viprinet which is the famous company worldwide and supports network technology at a broad level. This company has worldwide customers and they have branches around the world. He has created new techniques in router technology so their customers can 100% internet connection without any downtime.

Simon is actually found to be the school dropout but he learned so many things in his life with respect to computers. He is crazy about computers so people call him nerd always. Moreover, he is having innovative skills at a better rate this made him start new companies in his career. He has created Kissel Ventures now which are providing better customer supports to all companies globally in software techniques and networking. Simon is having excellent logical skills so he is on the way to moving his companies to challenge the rate of market values.

Simon Kissel improved his knowledge in a social economy through practical knowledge and he didn’t take up any respective studies in the field. Now he has crossed 35 years and staying at one of his Simon Kissel Viprinet headquarters Germany and he adopted that place as his residential purposes. Initially, he invented a new VPN bonding method in computer networks which supports their customers to work with break free internet.