Student mobile: disadvantage of internet subscription in student’s phone

It is said that the internet is the best invention of man. It does not need an introduction today. From business to studies from personal to professional everything is highly dependent on the internet. The whole world and everything in between this are getting opened on the internet. But like every other thing the internet does have some negative points, and the major number of people are affected by this are the students.

In this student mobile age, this is a big issue because the solution of this problem is also very tough. You have to provide the internet to make them run into the competitive world, and you also have to fight with these disadvantages at the same time.

Student subscriptions forgetting books
Whenever they got any assignment or project, they start their research online. They are totally unknown from the fact that to gather knowledge about something needs to have a basic and clear idea which is only available on books. Today’s mobile student generation doesn’t even know how to search information from card catalog database books, magazines, and encyclopedia or even from newspapers.
Some of the students don’t know how to find word meanings from the dictionary, but they do know how to get that from the internet. These habits tend to decreases their off line research capacity.
Tendency to follow the internet blindly
Whatever written on the internet is not true at all. There are millions of fake sites, and they cause real online problems. But mobilabonnemang student (mobile student) follows the internet blindly. Because of the advantage of easilyaccessible, anyone can upload anything on the internet. Kids who access the internet, most of them don’t have the capacity to recognize those fake or false sites or there false news. They have the tendency to believe the things written on the internet.
Addiction causes many disorders
Using the internet in every step in life making the young generation to get addicted to this. Mobile student generation is getting addicted to social media, online games or even online gambling games. And addiction causes many disorders like insomniac etc.