Why Do We Want Whois Protection When We Purchase Domain Names?

What’s domain name privacy protection?
Also called “Private Protection.” This can be a term affected with domain name registration. And it literally means you domain name registration information are kept secret or in other words your personal information including phone numbers and your name, home/ office address, email address will not be shown in public data base. If I may define “private registration” in another manner, it means, Execution of proper safeguard measures to ensure the security and privacy of WHOIS data records, in addition to shield the WHOIS records that shouldn’t appear in whois parser against risks or identity theft which could result in significant humiliation, injury, inconvenience, or unfairness to any individual.

Why Whois Protection is needed by you?
Think for a second, when you register a domain, your name, address, email address and phone numbers are promptly made available to anyone who needs to see them. That is correct. Your private information is exposed 24 hours a day, every day, to anyone, anyplace worldwide who needs use and to see them. When purchasing a domain name you must supply accurate contact information or else your domain registration could be terminated as it’d take breach of regulations and the ICANN conditions for all domain name registrations.
As required by ICANN, the international governing body for domain names this advice must be made freely accessible to everyone via the public WHOIS database. Regular, this precious source of accurate contact information is targeted and harvested by whois parser and telemarketers causing unsolicited and unwanted contact. Additionally since your contact information is public, you happen to be in danger for fraud and identity theft and of being contacted by harassers and stalkers.
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